How Much Do Landscape Boulders Cost
Written by Brian B

How Much Do Landscape Boulders Cost?

River rocks, rip rap and cinder rocks are great complimenting pieces for a landscape, but what if you want to go bigger and bolder? Nothing is bolder than boulders, especially in Arizona’s unique climate. How much do landscape boulders cost, though? This piece will explore boulder types and pricing options to best fit your at-home needs.

Boulder Costs

As is usually the case with any landscaping item, the costs will vary based on quantity and quality. One of the first things to account for is the size of the boulders. Do you want a few very large boulders on your property or an abundance of boulders scattered throughout? Some landscaping suppliers may offer bundle discounts, but either way the more you buy, the more you’ll pay out of pocket. Obviously, with the bigger and heavier boulders, delivery and professional installation would be necessary.

Most companies will include installation in the initial cost of the boulders, but customers should always double check to make sure that is the case. Delivery can be costly, especially when considering how far these boulders need to travel from the supplier to your home. Even with the extra costs associated with delivery, this is still the best way to go. Do not underestimate the weight of these boulders if you’re attempting to deliver and install them yourself.

Average Prices

  • Minimum price per ton: $100.
  • Maximum price per ton: $600.
  • Lowest possible installation fee: $40.
  • Maximum price for boulder installation: $300.

Landscape Boulder Types

There are four types of boulder packages offered at A&A Materials Inc. They include surface select, onyx, kino blue and assorted boulders. Any of the four will provide the perfect scenery for your desert-inspired landscaping detail. Kino blue boulders are some of the most unique rocks in the entire country. Their distinct look stems from the high mineral content in this rock. The radiant blue color will spruce up any front or backyard. The onyx boulders look like a piece of tiramisu cake. Translucent markings help these boulders stand out from the rest. If you’re going for the most natural look possible, especially in Arizona, then the surface select boulders will do the job. These boulders have been worn and shaped by the desert sun over time. Surface select boulders bring the most natural of environments straight to your backyard.

These landscape boulders can be utilized in a variety of ways. The most common use is for the boulders to surround a walkway or body of water. Acting as natural stepping stones can be popular, as well. How about some extra seating? This may be the perfect way to use your boulders around the campfire or water. Or, constructing the boulders into a simple wall can also be pleasing to the eye. Perhaps all these choices sound appealing to you as a homeowner. Whatever your plan may be, checking out these options at your local supplier is the best way to start your ambitious projects.

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