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Landscape – Sand

The importance of using sand and other aggregates in your next landscaping venture cannot be overstated. Not only is sand aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the material serves a very vital role to the structure of your project. Along with clay, gravel and stone, sand can be found at most of Arizona’s landscaping suppliers. Here is a look at some of the best types of sand available in the area.

Mortar Sand

Mortar sand is a very popular foundational piece for bricks and block walls. Mortar is a mixture of sand, water and cements, which is perfect for home construction. The three components are used to hold the cement mix in place, ensuring a sound structure. Typically, mortar is not as strong as concrete, but the mortar mix is much thicker than the aforementioned concrete.

Washed Concrete Sand

Much like mortar sand, washed concrete sand serves many purposes when it comes to construction. Washed concrete sand seemingly has no limitations; being used as a foundation in horse arenas and base under pavers. This mix can be used anywhere coarse-textured sand is specified and called for. Washed concrete sand is stronger than mortar sand.

Fill Sand

Fill sand is commonly used for both residential and commercial construction projects. Fill sand is essentially an assortment of very fine particles of rocks. Depending on the source, these particles have either been crushed down by machinery or broken down naturally over time. Fill sand is especially useful in Arizona due to its resistance of moisture, which creates a natural drainage area. In the desert, fill sand is more popular than fill dirt, for obvious reasons. One of the only drawbacks to fill sand is its inability to maintain its shape or remain sturdy for long periods of time.

Screen Silt Sand

Screen silt sand may be the perfect balance between clay and sand mixtures. Silt generally retains a large amount of water, but releases the water when plants seek moisture. This is one of the more fine sands commonly used in landscaping projects. Screen silt sand has certainly carved out of niche inside the Arizona landscaping world.

All Purpose Sand

All purpose sand is exactly what it sounds like. This is a general-purpose substance used for an array of landscaping duties. Whether it is used for a foundation, traction or for grease absorption, all purpose sand is the ideal filler for your next project. This sand is washed, dried and sanitized for personal and commercial use. This all purpose sand can also be found in gardens, sandboxes and even cat litter boxes.

Sand can be used as fill under concrete or pavers. Call A & A Materials, Inc. in Scottsdale, Arizona, at 480-990-0557 for more information on our fill sand.

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