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Written by Brian B

Landscape – Rocks

The addition of rocks to one’s landscaping project can be invaluable. Whether you use decorative, river, rip rap or cinder rocks, the result will likely please the eye. These types of landscape rocks can be used as bedding, siding or a foundational piece below your latest at-home project. These are a few of the best rock versions to use for your landscaping needs.

Decorative Rock

Decorative rocks can come in all shapes and sizes. From apache brown and pink, all the way to madison gold, the combinations for your landscaping desires are endless. Picking out the right decorative rock is all about taste and need. Some may believe simply choosing river or rip rap rock could be the way to go, since the process of hand-picking various decorative rocks could become tedious. By just searching through our gallery, you will see the many choices one has when searching for the right decorative rocks. Gold, brown and silver are among the various color options that could best serve your landscaping needs.

River Rock

River rocks are generally some of the smoothest rocks you can purchase for your front or backyard needs. Either manually or naturally, these rocks have had all rough edges smoothed out over time. The rough parts have likely smoothed due to constant water rushing over them. That leads to the possibility of using river rocks in your own yard if you choose to have some sort of water on display. The main benefit to choosing river rocks over mulch is that these rocks will not wear away over time.

Rip Rap Rock

Unlike decorative rocks, rip rap rock has a main purpose of erosion control. While rip rap can be used for decoration, it is more commonly utilized for erosion control, especially in Arizona. Rip rap rocks are generally very large, so be prepared for a long workout if you’re planning on lugging these rocks yourself. Rip rap can be constructed essentially like a wall, with one rock on top of another. It can also be laid down flat, as well.

Cinder Rock

Cinder rock is one of the most popular decorative versions of the igneous family. Cinder, especially red-tinted cinder, has been commonly used in firepits. However, red cinder can also come in handy for any landscaping projects that could use some extra flare or color. Overall, each one of these various rock types serves a unique and valuable purpose for whatever your landscaping needs may call for.

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