Cost Of Xeriscaping
Written by Brian B

Xeriscaping Cost

The nationwide average cost of xeriscaping a typical 1,200 sq. ft. yard is $17,085. Costs can range from $6,000-$24,000 depending on the overall size of the project, according to Fixr.

Average Xeriscaping Installation Costs

This is look at average xeriscaping installation costs across the U.S. in 2022:

  • National Average Cost: $17,085.
  • Average Cost Range: $16,000-$18,000.
  • Minimum Cost: $6,000.
  • Maximum Cost: $24,000.

Xeriscaping Cost

Cost To Xeriscape A Yard

The exact price of xeriscaping a yard will be based on a few factors, including plant choices, size of the yard, soil, irrigation and hardscaping. Hiring a designer to help plan the project ahead of time is a good idea, but it will add to the bottom line. Total costs can be determined by the 7 steps of xeriscaping detailed below.

Planning And Design

An experienced landscape designer may charge up to $200 to plan out your xeriscaping needs. This is a very difficult process, so careful planning ahead of time is essential.

  • Average Cost: $200.


When used in xeriscaping projects, mulch helps to hold in water and prevent evaporation. A typical delivery costs between $200-$500 for a 500 sq. ft. yard.

  • Average Cost: $685.

Concrete Slabs

Forming a walkway in your yard with concrete slabs can be pricey, but it will undoubtedly give your yard a unique look.

  • Average Cost: $1,200.

Desert Plants

You must make sure to get plants that are well adapted to the region. This means they will require minimal water. Prices will range depending on the type and size of the plants.

  • Average Cost: $3,000.

Soil, Rocks And Stones

The largest cost for soil, rocks and stones will come from the delivery. 20 sq. ft. of river rock can cost up to $1,000 to deliver.

  • Average Cost: $3,000.


It’s recommended to replace natural grass with turf in an effort to conserve water.

  • Average Cost: $4,000.

Irrigation System

An irrigation system will be optional for xeriscaping projects, with most homeowners relying on rainfall. Those living in extremely hot climates, though, should invest in irrigation systems.

  • Average Cost: $5,000.

Xeriscaping Cost Per Square Foot

These costs are usually calculated by square footage, with the price including plants, supplies and labor. Costs will typically range from $5-$20 per sq. ft.

  • 500 sq. ft. Average Cost: $5,500-$7,500.
  • 1,000 sq. ft. Average Cost: $11,000-$15,000.
  • 1,500 sq. ft. Average Cost: $16,500-$22,500.

Xeriscaping Cost Per Hour

Most professional landscaping services will cost between $50-$100 per hour, with a high of $200.

  • Average Cost: $75/hour.

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