Arizona Front Yard Landscaping Ideas
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Arizona Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Are you looking to make your Arizona front yard unique and unforgettable? We’re here to offer a few landscaping ideas, destined to give your property a distinct look.

Add Landscape Rocks In Your Front Yard

Decorative rocks can come in all shapes and sizes, which can be perfect to fill any space in your yard. From apache brown and pink, all the way to madison gold, the combinations for your landscaping desires are endless. Picking out the right decorative rock is all about taste and need. Some may believe simply choosing river or rip rap rock could be the way to go, since the process of hand-picking various decorative rocks could become tedious. The colors gold, brown and silver are among the most popular choices for any Arizona landscaping needs.

River rocks are generally some of the smoothest rocks you can purchase for your yard. Either manually or naturally, these rocks have had all rough edges smoothed out over time. The rough parts have likely smoothed due to constant water rushing over them. That leads to the possibility of using river rocks in your own yard if you choose to have some sort of water on display. The main benefit to choosing river rocks over mulch is that these rocks will not wear away over time.

Rip rap rocks serve a main purpose of erosion control. While rip rap can be used for decoration, it is more commonly utilized for erosion control, especially in Arizona. Rip rap rocks are generally very large, so make sure your front yard has enough space to support these rocks. Rip rap can be constructed essentially like a wall, with one rock on top of another. It can also be laid down flat, as well. Most landscaping material companies will suggest delivery and installation for rip rap rocks.

Cinder rock is one of the most popular decorative versions of the igneous family. Cinder, especially red-tinted cinder, has been commonly used in firepits. However, red cinder can also come in handy for any landscaping projects that could use some extra flare or color. Overall, each one of these various rock types serves a unique and valuable purpose for whatever your landscaping needs may call for.

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Landscape Boulders

There are four types of boulder packages offered at A&A Materials Inc. They include surface select, onyx, kino blue and assorted boulders. Any of the four will provide the perfect scenery for your desert-inspired landscaping detail. Kino blue boulders are some of the most unique rocks in the entire country. Their distinct look stems from the high mineral content in this rock. The radiant blue color will spruce up any front or backyard. The onyx boulders look like a piece of tiramisu cake. Translucent markings help these boulders stand out from the rest. If you’re going for the most natural look possible, especially in Arizona, then the surface select boulders will do the job. These boulders have been worn and shaped by the desert sun over time. Surface select boulders bring the most natural of environments straight to your front yard.

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Average Landscape Boulder Prices

  • Minimum price per ton: $100.
  • Maximum price per ton: $600.
  • Lowest possible installation fee: $40.
  • Maximum price for boulder installation: $300.

Add Sand To The Yard

Mortar sand is a very popular foundational piece for bricks and block walls. Mortar is a mixture of sand, water and cements, which is perfect for home construction. The three components are used to hold the cement mix in place, ensuring a sound structure. Typically, mortar is not as strong as concrete, but the mortar mix is much thicker than the aforementioned concrete. Much like mortar sand, washed concrete sand serves many purposes when it comes to construction. Washed concrete sand seemingly has no limitations; being used as a foundation in horse arenas and base under pavers. This mix can be used anywhere coarse-textured sand is specified and called for. Washed concrete sand is stronger than mortar sand.

Fill sand is commonly used for both residential and commercial construction projects. Fill sand is essentially an assortment of very fine particles of rocks. Depending on the source, these particles have either been crushed down by machinery or broken down naturally over time. Fill sand is especially useful in Arizona due to its resistance of moisture, which creates a natural drainage area. If you have any water or plan to add any water to your yard, then fill sand is a worthwhile investment. In the desert, fill sand is more popular than fill dirt, for obvious reasons. One of the only drawbacks to fill sand is its inability to maintain its shape or remain sturdy for long periods of time. Screen silt sand may be the perfect balance between clay and sand mixtures. Silt generally retains a large amount of water, but releases the water when plants seek moisture. This is one of the more fine sands commonly used in landscaping projects. Screen silt sand has certainly carved out of niche inside the Arizona landscaping world.

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Other Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

  • Water fountain.
  • Unique landscape lighting.
  • Outdoor fireplaces.

Adding any sort of water or water fountain in front of your home will certainly stand out in the neighborhood. These fountains can be costly, though. Homeowners will pay an average of $2,639 just for water fountain installation, according to Homeadvisor. Whether you want dim lighting or for your landscape to stand out at night, there are many lighting options available for Arizona homeowners. An outdoor firepit isn’t only for the backyard these days. More and more properties are opting to put a firepit in the front yard. You’ll love the unmistakable look a firepit can give your yard.

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